Soterix tES Integration with ActiveTwo & NeurOne

  • Soterix tES Integration with ActiveTwo & NeurOne

    Published: August 02, 2016
    We are pleased to announce our early cooperation with Soterix to deliver integrated EEG + tES systems to meet your most demanding research needs.  The Soterix products shoudl appear on our website soon, but if you have questions in the meantime about available technologies, systems configurations or pricing, we have answers.  

    Soterix has designed special Mini-Stim probes for use directly in the Bisoemi electrode holders (as shown above), and the Soterix HD probes can be inserted in between or in place of electrodes in a standard Biosemi electrode cap.  Virtually any custom configuration is possible.

    We are excited about this cooperation, because so many of our customers have expressed interest in an integrated Biosemi / Soterix solution, and Soterix is the clear technology leader in the field of tES.  The new Soterix MxN HD tES system sets the standard for research-grade functionality.

    Contact us to let us know about your interests related to tES + EEG!