Use VISUALIZER to obtain and view 3D rendered images, combining data from several modalities, including topographic mapping, MRI data and electromagnetic source analysis.


3D Rendering

  • Object surface display with interactive zoom, pan, rotate.
  • Multiple surface display with user selected transparency.
  • Stereoscopic (red/blue) display option.

Multimodal Imaging

  • Overlay scalar map data (e.g. electric potential or magnetic field from DATA EDITOR) as pseudocolor map on head surface (from LOCATOR or IMAGE PROCESSOR).
  • Overlay source current density maps (obtained from SOURCE ESTIMATOR) as pseudocolor map on cortical surface (from IMAGE PROCESSOR).
  • Overlay source current dipoles (obtained from SOURCE ESTIMATOR) in head and/or brain display


  • User Interface. A conventional Microsoft Windows style graphical user interface is used throughout.

Intermodule Communication

  • Input. LOCATOR (headshape), DATA EDITOR (scalar maps) SOURCE ESTIMATOR (dipoles, source maps), MR VIEWER (volumetric images), IMAGE PROCESSOR (segmented regions and surfaces).

File I/O

  • Input. Files produced by other EMSE suite modules.
  • Output. none

Other I/O

  • Graphics may be transferred to clipboard for use by other graphics programs or for insertion into word processors.


  • Printed. User manual, including file formats.
  • On-line. User manual and tutorial available as context sensitive hypertext.
Sample functionality in Visualizer
Topographic voltage map with electrode positions.
Cortical current density
Electric potential as a pseudocolor map on head surface