EEG Translational Research Software

ElectroMagnetic Source Estimation, (EMSE) is multimodal functional imaging software for researcher. EMSE has a modular architecture and runs on Windows workstations.

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EMSE Locator Module

Convenient software for electrode position measurement

EMSE Locator is a convenient software application for precise measurement of electrode positions and fiducial landmarks for coregistration of EEG with MRI, CT or PET.

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EMSE Data Editor Module

Sophisticated EEG/MEG signal analysis and statistics

The EMSE Suite DATA EDITOR module may be used as a stand-alone program to view, analyze, filter and transform EEG and MEG time series data, and to select intervals or events for further analysis, in...

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EMSE Source Estimator Module

Discrete or distributed dipole source analysis EEG / MEG

EMSE Suite SOURCE ESTIMATOR module may be used for discrete or distributed dipole source analysis from EEG or MEG data which has been provided by the DATA EDITOR module.

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EMSE MR Viewer Module

Visualization of MRI with EEG and other functional data

MR VIEWER displays magnetic resonance and other images, with specialized features designed for the overlay of electromagnetic source estimation and other functional imaging data.

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EMSE Image Processor Module

MR segmentation, boundary mesh generation, and cortical unfolding

Extract important features from a volumetric MRI dataset. Supports 3D rendering in VISUALIZER as well as realistic headshape modeling and cortical surface restriction in SOURCE ESTIMATOR.

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EMSE Visualizer Module

Convenient 3D visualization for functional imaging results

Use VISUALIZER to obtain and view 3D rendered images, combining data from several modalities, including topographic mapping, MRI data and electromagnetic source analysis.

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About EMSE

Software to measure, describe and visualize human brain dynamics.

Conventional neuroimaging such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can answer the where question with high spatial resolution, but the when question only with very low temporal resolution. Electroencephalography (EEG) and the closely allied Event-Related Potentials (ERP’s) can tell you when something happened with an accuracy of thousandths of a second, but isn’t very good at the where questions. The EMSE software combines MRI and EEG to answer both when and where in a way that neither method can answer alone. We call this process multimodal dynamic functional brain imaging or source estimation.


  • EMSE Scripting Engine Service

    October 01, 2015

    Let us help you move past point-and-click analysis of single subjects to automated high-throughput analysis of entire experiments as the data become available.

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  • Cortech Welcomes EMSE and Dr. Mark Pflieger

    February 01, 2015

    WILMINGTON, N.C. (February 1, 2015) — Cortech Solutions, Inc. of Wilmington, NC and Source Signal Imaging, Inc. of La Mesa, CA announced today that Cortech Solutions has a...

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  • EMSE® Suite v5.5.2 Released

    August 01, 2014

    New features for handling channel locations within the filter pipeline, global preferences, display of non-EEG/MEG channels in the sensor position view and much more!

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